How Long Should You Take Winstrol?

Winstrol also known as Winny, the brand of Stanozolol is the anabolic steroid and ideal for the cutting cycles. 

Winstrol results
Winstrol for cutting cycle

The use of Winstrol is becoming popular among athletes and celebrities because of the easy consumption of anabolic steroids and have delivered significant results.

The Winstrol Cycle is normally conducted for a purpose of the pre-contest preparation, cutting off excess fat and the defined physique.

While some of the people prefer Winstrol for increasing their strength and for a building of lean muscle tissues.

There are many types of steroids are available in a market for achieving these types of goals but, Winstrol is more specifically used for the fat loss and cutting of cycles.

Because of the increasing demand, I have found a question on different blogs and also received the emails that how long should you take the Winstrol?

Thus, this time I have decided to answer this question in the very detailed.
Scroll down to get the answer and avoid all of the complications.

How Long Should You Take Winstrol?

To give an answer to this question is a little bit complicated somehow, I will try to understand you.

Winstrol Cycle
Winstrol Pills

Well, there are wide ranges of anabolic steroids are available and each of them is responsible for providing you the different features.

The Winstrol is prominently consumed as the cutting steroids.

The consumption of anabolic steroids to the time of experiencing the results depends upon many factors.

  1. What type of steroid you use?
  2. The steroid cycle cycle
  3. Duration/time period
  4. The dosages
  5. The result
  6. The nutrition plan
  7. Role of supplements
  8. The workout strategies

1) What Type Of Steroid You Use?

Some of the steroids group are basically used for a bulking, some are used for the cutting while half of the groups are specifically targeting the performance and the strength.

They are responsible for performing different types of functions, mild or harsh, and delivering the result.

The Winstrol is an anabolic steroid also called Stanozolol that is famous for use in the cutting cycle and suitable for both men and women.

It is the choice of women because of the low anabolic rating and the men for non-estrogenic properties.

The anabolic rating of Winstrol is 320 while androgenic rating is around 30.

2) The Steroid Cycle:

There are several types of steroid cycles for bulking, cutting, and enhancing the performance.

Each of the cycles may have types or the subtypes in their section but, the most common phases of steroid cycles are the beginner, intermediate, and advanced cycle.

You can pick any one of the phases according to your demand and the level of goals.

The beginner cycle is very simple and comprised of low dosages while when you are level up so, there will be steroid dosages become high and the duration of a steroid cycle is also becoming exceed.

The complex cycle is based on different types of the steroids (stacking) and adjusts with the different dosages as well.

3) Duration/Time period:

The use of anabolic steroids for a short period of time with low dosages may provide you with the slow results.

Whether, the steroids use for longer period of time conducting rapid result if they are combined with heavy doses.

The long-term steroid cycle is not good for the human body because it has many nasty side-effects such as the development of gynecomastia, water retention and toxic for the liver.

The bodybuilders run the PCT or Post Cycle Therapy after ending of the steroid cycle in order to avoid the harmful effects.

According to some sources, the anabolic steroid should never use longer than six weeks.

The most typical length of the Winstrol should not exceed from the 6-8 weeks and when you are thinking about finishing the dosages so reduced from the last two weeks.

4) The Dosages:

Dosages are also important whether high or low. It has a great impact on the results.

The most common method of dosages adjustment is that start from the low dose, gradually increase and then end a steroid by lowering a dose.
The Winstrol dosages usually ranges from 25mg to 100mg.

If you select the pill form so, 40-80 mg is recommended daily for the effectiveness. While, the injectable forms dosages vary from 50-100 mg.

5) The Result Time Period:

The result time period is also linked with multiple strategies such as the type of workouts, nutrition plan, dosages and what kind of steroid cycle you are following.

But, here in this section, I would like to highlight the result with respect to the type of steroids. The Winstrol is available in both of the oral and injectable forms.

The injectable forms via intramuscular injection, upper arm, butt, and the thigh are showing the faster result while they remain in the system for a longer period of the time and have avoided by many peoples because of bearing a pain of the sharp needles.

The oral forms take time to show the result but excrete out from the system rapidly. Thus, athletes and bodybuilders more prefer the oral version because they have a chance to cheat during the drug test.

In reality, the oral steroids are more toxic for the liver as compared to the injectable forms.

The pill form of Winstrol stays in the system for around 9 hours and you need to take 2 doses.

The injectable forms of Winstrol can remain in the system for around 24 hours of time period.

The significant results are reported at the beginning of 4 weeks during a cycle.

  • 1 Weeks: loss of excess water from the body and you will feel harder muscle
  • 2 Weeks: You will lose more water, feeling ripped, and stronger yourself
  • 4 Weeks: You may feel the complete difference and experience increased vascularity.
  • 6 Weeks: The maximum definition and low fat of the body within a short period of time.

6) The Nutrition Plan:

The diet plays an important role and has a great impact on the time period of using the steroid.

The low-calorie diet is crucial whenever you have a goal for the cutting while the more calories are good for the bulking purpose.

When you combined the Winstrol with low-calorie diet so, there will be an amazing result within a short period of time.

7) Role Of Supplements:

Most of the cutting anabolic steroids have the mode of action to increase the metabolism rate through a thermogenic process for the burning of fat.

Winstrol results
Winstrol before and after

During the continuation of Winstrol, you may feel the excessive sweating as the physical effects.

Despite more sweating, your body tends to loss of the essential nutrients and electrolytes from the body and turn to dehydration state.

The combination of dehydration and low-calorie diet make the situation worse and make you feel fatigued and lethargic. It seems like that you are going to lose all of the workout intensity to perform.

Thus, it is important to hydrate your body by drinking water and incorporate the various types of Post and Pre-work supplements to fulfilling the deficiency of essential nutrients.

When you incorporate the supplements to Winstrol combined with low-calorie diet, so there will be a short time period taken for showing off the result and you are able to perform more intensive types of workout flawlessly without feeling any lethargic condition.

8) The Workout Strategies:

Similarly the role of diet and the supplements, the workouts are also important.

Although, they contribute less than a diet around 10-20% but means a lot.
If you do not follow the workout so the delivery of the result will be slow.

Addition of fat burning workouts can increase the rate of producing a result.


Use the Winstrol until you see the desired results but make sure do not exceed the cycle for six-weeks longer.

Follow all the guidelines, if you want to see the results within a short time period.

No matter how good results are?

There are also side-effects associated with steroids so, it is more crucial to look for a legal alternative to the Winstrol.

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Can You Build Muscle With Winstrol?

Winstrol is very effective to build up the lean muscle mass, improve the strength and performance simultaneously.

The methods to build up the muscle mass is a most controversial topic and most of the people are trying to find out the best one.

We all know that anabolic steroids are one of the best paths to ensure an amazing result within a short period of time.

But, make sure the steroids are not the magic pill that you swallow and experience the result. You need to do something more such as take care of the workout and diet plan as well.

By the thrice combination, you will feel the great and amazing result rapidly.

What Is Winstrol?

The Winstrol also called as Stanozolol is a synthetic steroid that mimics the testosterone effects and playing a role to build up the muscle mass, defined the physique, and other most things.

Winstrol for men
Winstrol (Stanozol)

Previously, they are used for the treatment of many kinds of diseases such as anemia, breast cancer, and the hereditary angioedema.

You can get the Winstrol by getting the prescription from a doctor and from the online sources where a prescription is not required.

Winstrol is highly popular among bodybuilders and athletes because of the many benefits such as,

  • Bigger the muscle mass
  • Hardens muscles
  • Support fat loss
  • Stimulate protein synthesis
  • Increase nitrogen retention
  • Improved performance, strength, and speed
  • Enhanced vascularity

The women can also build muscle mass because of the low anabolic rating and reduce estrogenic properties.

The anabolic rating is around 320 and the androgenic rate is 30.

The Dosages And Steroid Cycle

When you are using the anabolic steroids so, it is crucial to keep count the dosages and way your steroid cycle is conducting.

The intensity of a steroid cycle depends upon the level of experience whether light, moderate, or heavy.

Winstrol Cycle
Winstrol Cycle

The dosages are also managed and depend upon the time period as well as the stacking.

There is an option to adjust the dosages by following a proper instruction that is read on the label or asks for a pharmacist about proper information.

According to some experts, the initial dose should adjust between 2 to 4 mg.

Taking a drug and conducting a steroid cycle is not enough and you need to follow the various methods.

The Strength Training

The strength training is the best workout that you can perform at home easily or within a supervision of the personal trainer.

The strength training is good for improving the body tone and makes you stronger, fitter, protects the muscle mass, bone health, maintain the weight, developed defined body, improve energy level or mood, help with chronic disease management, and boost up the energy level and mood.

The Cardio Workouts

The cardio workouts are good for improving the endurance level as well as the burning of fat.

You can easily set the alternative days for both cardiovascular training and the strength training.

These workouts help to stay up the lean and show off the maximum muscle gains from a lifting of the heavyweight.

Some of the most common exercises are;

  • Elliptical
  • Jumping rope
  • Kettlebells
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Sprinting
  • Stair climber
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Running

Only cardio and strength training workouts are not only enough.

You may adjust the workout plan according to your experience level and the type of body.

You may adjust the workout plan according to your experience level and the type of body.

You may adjust the workout plan according to your experience level and the type of body.

There are a huge list of workouts and every type of moves are responsible for giving you the specific feature such as bulking or bigger muscle mass, six-Abs, or the chiseled physique.

Because the Winstrol is more probably use for cutting so, you have a choice to select all of those workouts that may responsible for giving you the chiseled, six-Abs physique together with a preserving of lean muscle mass.

The Nutrition Plan

It is crucial to ask a nutritionist or a doctor to prepare the meal plan that consisted of healthy fat, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and other essential nutrients.

If we talk more generally so, the Winstrol require a diet that is generally rich in a protein and consisted of healthy calories.

Well, the Winstrol is more commonly popular as the cutting steroid so, I have discussed the cutting diet more specifically that can help you to achieve the goals rapidly.

Without preparing a right diet plan, there is a chance that you probably lose up the muscle.

The cutting diet works as to forces the body to use more energy from the stored fat.

The plan should properly consist of the right proportion of each carbohydrates (50%), protein (30%), and the fat (20%).

All you need to be just give more focus on the proteins and the fat instead of carbohydrates.

Do not avoid the carbohydrates from your diet completely because it may develop some deficiencies.

Try to take the carb from a quality of foods.

  • The sources of carbohydrates are brown rice, Quinoa, oatmeal, pumpkin, and brown rice.
  • The sources of protein are fish, seeds, nuts, and the chicken.
  • Some people confuse related to the fats but, in actually the fats are more prominent for the bulking and still more important.
  • The calories count are depends upon the type of metabolism as well as the lifestyle. The calories for cutting goal should be around 2-2500 calories per day.

Foods To Avoid:

You can avoid some of the foods during cutting phases such as the processed sugar, green tea, high cholesterol foods, and high-sodium meals.


But, what happens if you don’t want to follow the illegal drugs practice?

Yes, there is a possibility that the majority don’t want to follow the path that is full of the health-related side effects.

They have an aim to follow the natural path that is free from any kind of illegal ways.

Winstrol results
Winstrol results

You can build up the muscle naturally by following the workouts and the various nutrition plan. Sometimes, you need the more and that is bodybuilding supplement.

And we have a legal alternative of these steroids in the Crazybulk Company where you can find all of the favorite one supplement and combined with these above-mentioned methods.

What Is Winstrol And What Does It Do?

Do you want to get aesthetically flawless or the summer physique? So, you are definitely in a right place.

In this article, you are going to easily review Winstrol that has good rewards and having any considerable effects.

You may probably hear about Winstrol, if you are a bodybuilding fan and have an interest in sports.

Here’s a close look at the Winstrol review, how it really does work, and the potential rewards that you considered before using the Winstrol.

What Is Winstrol?

Winstrol is a very popular and well known DHT based anabolic steroid developed in the late 1950s that are used in a bodybuilding for cutting cycles.

Previously, it was used as the common prescription medicines to maintain the weight, treatment of angioedema, and prevent from muscle-wasting disease.

Winstrol steroids

Winstrol is considered as the safest steroid by the FDA and for a proper function of the digestive and liver tract.

Winstrol gains the attention worldwide in the year 1988 for the Olympic Games in Seoul and different bodybuilding field including sports.

After medical, it gains popularity in the bodybuilding due to having the fat burning properties.

The Winstrol is available in most of the pharmacies and veterinary clinics.

There are two ways of taking anabolic steroids such as oral and injectable steroids.

The oral form is more convenient as compared to other because of the shorter lifespan but, it may potentially harmful for the liver.

The injections form are also available that you can easily administer into muscular form via the upper arm, thigh, and the butt.

The injectable forms are usually not harsh for the liver.

Winstrol In The Bodybuilding

In a bodybuilding, the Winstrol is called by other names “Winny”.

It is popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiast because of giving a significant result in just only 4 weeks of a steroid cycle.

The competitive bodybuilders and athletes prefer the Winstrol due to having greater benefits like lowering the body fat, improved muscle mass, and improved overall definition.

The Winstrol can speed up the progress for preparing of a competition

Winstrol is a popular choice because it has the chiseled, athletic, amazing vascularity effects, and more powerful than testosterone. 

There are many participants who are tested positive for Stanozolol and then ban from athletics for a long term.

Winstrol results

The Winstrol also gains popularity in the women arena because of the low anabolic properties and average estrogenic properties.

Due to having low anabolic properties of muscle-building and low-moderate level of estrogenic properties, women can add this into the bulking phase for achieving the desired results.

There are different dosages of Winstrol like 40-80 mg is usually prescribed for maximum effectiveness.

The oral form of Winstrol stays in your system for around 9 hours so, generally, there is no any risk of testing positive during drug testing.

When the dosage is around 500-100 mg so, it will stay on your system for approximately 12-24 hours.

The Winstrol steroid cycle contains approximately 6-8 weeks and finishes your steroid cycle by reducing the dosages.

How Does Winstrol Work?

The mode of action of Winstrol is just to binds with the receptors.

There is a less risk of developing man-boobs because of having a low degree of progestogenic activity.

The other action is to lower down the Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) activity.

It has a unique structure that makes it’s more effective and functional as compared to the other DHT based steroid.

This is more beneficial because it allows your body for the production of free hormones testosterone level and become make more anabolic.

It acts as to stimulate the protein synthesis combined with collagen synthesis.

Benefits of Winstrol

  • One of the main benefits is that Stanozolol never allows the conversion of estrogen.
  • It provides the quality of muscle mass for increases in muscle growth, improved strength, and good performance in workouts.
  • It does not cause a sign of any water retention because it eliminates the muscular look of the body.
  • Winstrol helps to improve the endurance level by allowing proper circulation of red blood cells that allow the proper circulation of blood for performing longer or harder workouts.
  • The Winstrol increases the strength, power, and agility that helps the competitive athletes to boost up the performance level.
  • One of the main reason for taking Winstrol is that it reduces the Sex-hormone binding globulin within the body. Thus, it is possible to stack other steroids without getting, lean or harder look.
  • There are multiple options are available for taking the Winstrol such as oral and injectable forms. The injectable forms are giving you faster and rapid results.
  • It has a high bioavailability rate means it has a high bioavailability rate to pass through the liver without causing any problem. When you used the Winstrol with a proper diet and a workout, it gives the effective result. The Winstrol give benefits to many bodybuilders and athlete if the steroid is used in a safe way, short-term steroid cycle, and reducing the risk of any side-effects.

Thus, there is no need to worry about developing gynecomastia while, other anabolic steroids are responsible for conversion in estrogen that leads to serious or harmful effects.

Winstrol Side Effects

Let this clear, an athletic or shredded physique does not come without carrying any risk, hard work, and bearing any harmful effects.

Yes, of course, the common effects of Winstrol are including in new or worsening acne, headache, insomnia, vomiting, nausea, changes in the skin color, and ankle swelling.

The adolescent or adults may experience the frequent erections and development of acne.

The women probably suffer from the changes in the menstrual cycle and development of body or facial hair.


Do not use the Stanozolol if someone has a history of prostate cancer, breast cancer, hypercalcemia, heart or blood vessel disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood clotting, liver problems, kidney problems, and taking an anticoagulant drug.

Take Winstrol according to a doctor prescription. Take Winstrol pills with a glass of water and sometimes with a glass of milk.